Traditional Katmer*Roasting Pan

Code: GR-830

1-) Wide double-sided cooking plates, enamel covered, max 800 °C resistant
2-) Enamel dome round plate is not fixed on the body, enabling double-sided use and easy cleaning.
3-) It can be handled, demounted or reversible easily from its side handles.
4-) The body part has a powder coat.
5-) Any picnic cylinders of 2 Kg can be used up to 6 hours. (Consumption:370gr/h)
1-) In the external dome position, many traditional pastry tastes of Turkish cuisine may be cooked. For instance, yufka ekmeği, lavaş ekmeği, gözleme, bazlama, börek, sac ekmeği , katmer. It can also be used at picnic areas, by peddlers or at places which are half open or opened and closed frequently.

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