Why LPG?

Efficient and Effective Energy

LPG is a mixture of propane, butane and related components. It is extracted naturally during natural gas extraction activities. It is also a product of crude oil raffination. As is known to all, its energy efficiency and calorific value is very high, while the avarage heating value is 11200 kcal/kg. Therefore, energy efficiency per unit and calorific value of LPG is high. Based on these properties, you can obtain the same amount of energy by consuming less amount LPG, compared to other fuels. Nowadays, most of the establishment around the world are in search of affordable and safe type of fuel as they want to achieve sustainable development and increase their power of competition. In Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the most effective energy source is LPG due to its efficiency, adequecy and safety. Enery source in use is essential for minimizing expenses of a company.

Effective, Efficient Energy


Energy with low waste generation

LPG has approximately 95% efficiency. Therefore, its waste generation amount is very low, so as the possibility of failure and clogging of the burner at companies.

Being low waste generator and having high performance fuel, it leads boiler room and chimneys to stay clean and have long performance.

Clean Energy

LPG solid particles (PM) emmission is %25-35, 10% and 30% lower than wood and coal, diesel and petrol respectively. Since its an environment friendly type of fuel with low carbon level, it is scientifically approved that it has contribution to air quality and decrease green house effect. In many countries and United Nation, its use is promoted.

Easily Accessible Energy

Shipment and transportation opportunity of LPG leads its independency and continuous supply.

Affordable Energy  

LPG efficiency and price in the TRNC is the cheapest energy source compared to unit prices of other fuel types.

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